måndag 10 juni 2019

New album out now!

Ralsgård & Tullberg's new album "Kvartett" (Quartet) is now released!
It features Niklas Roswall on nyckelharpa and Alexandra Nilsson on cello. Together, the four musicians form a quartet that performs new and traditional Swedish tunes in carefully crafted arrangements, in which the many dimensions of the musical instruments are allowed to shine. 

Order the CD through Plugged

måndag 3 juni 2019

Album release at Ransäter!

Ralsgård & Tullberg's new album "Kvartett" will be released at Ransäter festival on Friday 7 June! The concert will take place at "Norra logen" at 19:00!
This is the first album with the new quartet. In this line-up Ralsgård & Tullberg are joined by cello player Alexandra Nilsson and nyckelharpa player Niklas Roswall!

fredag 25 januari 2019

Scanian Folk Flute Workshop 23-28 June

Ralsgård & Tullberg welcome you to Skåne (Sk-OH-na) for several days of folk music played on the flute. Our flute course kicks off immediately after Swedish Midsummer and is suited to players of both keyed/unkeyed simple-system wooden flutes and Boehm-system silver flutes. We will be focusing on Swedish folk music and Nordic flute traditions. We will also work with melodies, articulation, ensemble playing and arranging. The course will be held in western Skåne. For long-distance students who want to experience more of Skåne, we recommend a visit to the charming island of Ven, in the body of water between Sweden and Denmark. There you can experience the music and dance of traditional Midsummer celebrations, as well as a spelmansstämma (a festival for folk musicians). Just after the flute course ends, the big festivals and gatherings around Sweden get
started. Many of these events are in close proximity to the venue of the flute course and those that take place in Delsbo, Bingsjö and Boda and at Siljan, are some of the year’s most popular musical highlights. After attending our course, you have the opportunity to experience several of the finest and most important folk music events in Sweden.
The exact location of our course is not yet confirmed, but if you wish to book flight tickets, the closest and most suitable airports to arrive at are Kastrup (Copenhagen Airport), Sturup (Malmö Airport) or Ängelholm Airport.

Here is a brief schedule:
June 23: Arrival and registration date
24-27 June: Classes, workshops, concerts, sessions, dance and excursions
28th of June: Departure date

The cost of the course will be approximately €350, and includes accommodation, breakfast and lunch.

Contact: info@ralsgardtullberg.com