måndag 10 juni 2019

New album out now!

Ralsgård & Tullberg's new album "Kvartett" (Quartet) is now released!
It features Niklas Roswall on nyckelharpa and Alexandra Nilsson on cello. Together, the four musicians form a quartet that performs new and traditional Swedish tunes in carefully crafted arrangements, in which the many dimensions of the musical instruments are allowed to shine. 

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måndag 3 juni 2019

Album release at Ransäter!

Ralsgård & Tullberg's new album "Kvartett" will be released at Ransäter festival on Friday 7 June! The concert will take place at "Norra logen" at 19:00!
This is the first album with the new quartet. In this line-up Ralsgård & Tullberg are joined by cello player Alexandra Nilsson and nyckelharpa player Niklas Roswall!