Ralsgård & Tullberg quartet

In the ensemble Ralsgård & Tullberg quartet, the two flutes are joined by cello and nyckelharpa. The result is a mix of original and traditional tunes in carefully crafted arrangements. The musical expression spans from the intimate and delicate, to virtuosic, almost orchestral arrangements where the possibilities of the instrument are used to its fullest.

Ralsgård & Tullberg quartet is the result of the continuing quest of exploring the possibilities of the wooden transverse flute. While the first recording (2010) re-established the instrument on the Swedish traditional music scene, the second CD (2014) featured numerous guest musicians. The quartet was crated in order to harvest all the ideas that sprung from these meetings. Besides Ralsgård & Tullberg, the line-up consists of two brilliant musicians; Niklas Roswall  (Nyckelharpa) and Alexandra Nilsson (Cello).

Watch the quartet perform På Väg from +1